Long Term Rental Management

Let Orange Court get your property rented and reduce tenant turnover!


What We Do

The landscape of rental properties in Louisville is rapidly changing and Orange Court is at the forefront.  Let us partner with you to maximize your rental property and keep it rented.  

What We Provide

Maximizing Your Monthly Rate

The economy is changing, as are rentals.  With prices increasing city wide, don't get caught falling behind.  With our data we can estimate your max return on a long term rental and find the right tenant!

Multi-Dimensional Marketing

Listing on multiple platforms and unique branding have established Orange Court as the fastest growing property Management firm in Louisville.  We fill listings quickly and reduce turnover.  Period.

Tenant Screening

With the help of our partner services we carefully screen and vet tenants for the best possible fit. We can help you eliminate late rent checks!

Property Prep

Don't let your property fall behind when it's time to get it rented.  Our staff will work with you to stretch your dollar and modernize your property.

Maintenance Coordinating

Orange Court works together with you and your tenants to ensure that any maintenance issues are handled promptly and at a fair rate.


We have a network of professionals who are ready and eager to assist you in maintaining your property.  No more quickly searching through Google to find a Quality Pro.

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Short Term Rental Management


+ Cleaning Fees

Best Returns

Complete upkeep of your property


Cross Platform Marketing



Long Term Rental Management

$100 + Fees

Per Month

Maximized Rent based on Market Trends

Vetting Applicants

Lower Tenant Turnover

Get your space RENTED!


A La Carte Services

Cost Varies

3D Design Planning


Basic Contracting